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Our research studies the impact of information and communication technology in an organizational context. We are interested in the development of the digital organization and the social organization: how do organizations and leaders respond to the challenges and opportunities of an informated society and economy. In particular we look at new modes of organizing, coordination and collaboration from the micro level of work practices, group and community practices to the macro level of infrastructure development.

We pursue this agenda in three, interrelated fields of research:

  • communication and collaboration management,
  • information management and leadership,
  • interorganizational systems and infrastructures.

We aim to understand the dynamics of transformation in a historical, societal, regulatory, and economic context. Our work is theoretically and empirically grounded, we employ multiple methods and research approaches with an emphasis on qualitative, interpretative approaches.

It is our research philosophy that the implications of integratinginnovative ICT into existing practices and communities need to be studied in situ. We therefore advocate a Living Laboratory approach emphasizes research and experimentation in complex real world settings addressing business or societal innovation. Typically multi stakeholders and researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds are involved.

Research Topics: 
Information and Communications Infrastructures - Strategic Alignment of Information Systems - IT Value - Organization Theory of IS - Transformation of Work - Appropriation of Communication Infrastructures - Communities of Practice - Collective Action and Standardization - Living Lab Research Approach

Academic Contact:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein

Street: Leonardo-Campus 3
City: 48149 Münster
Country: DE



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