The firm Räckers is a medium-sized family company based in Germany, in the heart of the Münsterland region. The company’s structures and processes are  transparent and are aligned with modern requirements of businesses. The product portfolio is composed of standardised modules, as well as system solutions and special custom-made solutions. Customer satisfaction is the major goal of Räckers and it is achieved by providing competent consultation, individual solutions and tailor-made systems.

The Räckers team consists of competent specialists and experts. Since the company's foundation, its personnel has grown from 1 to approximately 200 employees. Structured distribution of areas of responsibilityand close cooperation with renowned companies on national and international levels ensure the best outcomes. Since the inception of Räckers, its product range has been constantly extended. The company started with adhering rubber profiles in 1981. Now the service portfolio ns from raw materials processing to fully assembled end-products. In particular, Räckers offers its customers CNC aluminium processing, CNC sheet metal processing, coating with chemical pre-treatment, assembly works, as well as industrial bonding and foam-moulding technologies. For many years Räckers has employed Just in Sequence production, which increases responsiveness of the whole team.

Our company is particularly interested in implementation of theoretical “university knowledge” in practice. We are very delighted by the project seminar done by the  BSc students from the University of Münster who helped us to prepare for quality management certification. The students analysed the current situation and proposed  various possible solutions, which can be soon put into practice. E.g. in the future we plan to simplify the Just in Sequence field in order to further increase the responsiveness.

Räckers is Advisory Board Member since 2013.

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