Westphalia DataLab

Westphalia DataLab is a Münster-based start-up founded in 2017. Our mission is to enable companies to derive value out of their existing data and external available data by applying state-of-the-art data processing algorithms. As a young, rapidly growing team consisting of data enthusiasts with diverse academic backgrounds we develop standardized and tailored tools that provide our clients with actionable data insights.

Depending on the individual problem at hand, the applied methods range from simple decision trees to complex neural networks and even reinforcement learning. Our clients comprise hidden champions from around Münster as well as global market leaders with multiple billions of annual turnover. In the same manner, we process megabytes of data in some projects – and terabytes in others. Our solutions cover various industries such as automotive, banking and industrial production. Thanks to our business model and the use of the latest technologies, Westphalia DataLab is ten times faster and cheaper than the competition.

The team consists of top-class data professionals, data engineers and front- and back-end developers. Most of our work is done project-based in small agile teams, in which each member has to take on responsibilities in the various phases of the project. In addition, our team members have the opportunity to expand their industry-specific knowledge in their respective areas of interest due to the diversity of our customers' sectors.

Close cooperation with academia is important to us. We actively collaborate with students in university projects and are eager to supervise Bachelor and Master theses. Our goal is a long-term and strong relationship with leading universities in the fields of data science, information technology and related degrees.

Team, speed and technology combined with the close connection to the scientific community make Westphalia DataLab the most agile data analytics startup in Germany.

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Westphalia DataLab is Advisory Board Member since 2018.

Research Topics

data-analytics; machine-learning; software-development; fast-paced; team-spirit

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