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Research Center on Information Systems

Founded in 1966 LUISS is a private Italian university specialising in the social sciences and strongly committed to conduct academic research and educate talented individuals. The affiliation with  Confindustria offers unique research opportunities for LUISS researchers and business practitioners as well as provides LUISS students with solid career opportunities. Located in the hearth of Rome, the eternal city, LUISS holds partnering relationships for training as well as research purposes with universities around the globe. LUISS is composed of four Departments and four Schools covering the areas of Economics and Finance, Management, Law, and Political Science. In October 2015, the Business School and the Department of Business and Management received the prestigious EQUIS international accreditation for all programmes delivered from the BA to the PhD.

The faculty is actively engaged in both theoretical and applied research in a variety of areas of business and management including information system (IS). Since 1998, LUISS researchers have achieved international standing in IS education – including teaching and research – through its Research Centre on Information Systems (CeRSI). CeRSI represents Italy in the ERCIS network and has contributed to the birth and to the growth of the itAIS (, the Italian Chapter of the AIS (

CeRIS plays an important role in the promotion and coordination of the Italian IS academic and scientific community. Teaching and research activities in the IS field at LUISS are also run in connection with the Organization and Innovation group, with the Project Organizing Competence Centre, and with the Digital Lab, whose members have published in international top journals including JIT, JSIS, I&M and CAIS.

In 2015 LUISS has hosted on a regular basis visiting scholars from more than 150 partners Universities. Among them, the following guests have interacted with the CeRSI-LUISS members: Ole Hanseth (U.
Oslo), Ann Majchrzak (U. Southern California), Gerardo Patriotta (U. Nottingham), Øystein Sæbø (University Agder), Jan van den Ende (Erasmus U.), Robert Winter (U. St. Gallen). Still in 2015 members of the CeRSI-LUISS research center joined the following foreign Universities as visiting scholars: the University of Agder (NO), the University of Oslo (NO), University of St. Gallen (CH), Paris Dauphine (FR).

LUISS Guido Carli University is ERCIS member since 2010.

Research Topics

Digital Platforms; Digital Transformation; ITGovernance

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