How to Become an ERCIS Member

There are different ways in being engaged in the ERCIS network. Find out about your possibilites in working with us:

  • Associated Partner Institutions

    We are an international research network with associated partner institutions in the field of Information Systems. We have a "one partner per country"-rule meaning that we have one institution per country working with us and being the ERCIS representative in that country. If you are interested in joining the ERCIS network as associated partner institution, you need to have established connections to at least one of our partner institutions, as we see ourselves as a closely knit network, working on a level with very personal ties. In addition, your institution should reside in a country, where we do not have a partner institution yet.
  • Personal Membership

    On special occassions will we invite engaged individual researchers as personal members of the network.
  • Advisory Board Member

    Our advisory board consists of companies that want to work with us within the field of Information Systems. Interested companies may have a look at the benefits for advisory board members to find out, if a cooperation might be fruitful for both sides. For further information regarding joint activities, the membership fee for advisory board members etc. just get in contact with us. We will gladly inform you about our initiatives and discuss together with you if your company fits in the ERCIS network.

  • Founding an ERCIS Competence Center

    In addition to the individual research topics, ERCIS bundles and fosters special topics of Information Systems research within competence centers. Thus, If you already are an ERCIS member and you would like to express your and your colleagues research in a dedicated competence center, there are several rules to follow:

    • There has to be a professor serving as academic contact.
    • There can be a researcher serving as operative contact.
    • There has to be a vision for the CC, which has to be explicated.
    • There has to be documented ongoing research (publications in the context of the CC, projects in the context of the CC).
    • The vision has to be actively pursued.
    • There have to be partners both from research and practice being actively involved in driving the research of the CC.