ERCIS PhD Colloquium

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  • Key Facts


    • Audience: The colloquium aims to provide multi-perspective feedback for doctoral dissertation projects, ideally for students in the middle (2nd or 3rd year) of their dissertation projects.
    • The DC's faculty consists of professors from ERCIS member institutions across Europe.
    • A maximum of 15 doctoral candidates will be presenting and discussing their research projects in small groups together with experienced supervisors.

    Application & Admission

    • Doctoral candidats are to inform the coordinator ( about their interest until 2017-11-15. Support by the supervisor has to granted.
    • Doctoral candidates are expected to apply to be admitted to the DC with a one-page summary paper of their dissertation project, their CV and a support statement of their supervisor until December 17, 2017.
    • Applicants will be informed of acceptance by the latest December 31st.
    • Participants have to transfer the accommodation charge until January 31st

    Participation and Duties

    • Participants have to submit an eight to ten page dissertation paper until May 13, 2018. The dissertation paper shall summarize motivation, related work, problem statement/research gap, proposed research approach and time frame. It should also address certain required elements (e.g. selection and documentation of cases or validation/evaluation of research results) according to the request of the DC faculty.
    • Participants conduct peer reviews of two other dissertation papers submitted to this DC (provided by May 15) until June 12.
    • Participants have to attend the doctoral consortium on June 9-16.
      • They present and discuss their papers in 60-minute sessions (30 minutes presentation, 30 minutes discussion).
      • They attend a general dissertation Q&A session together with DC faculty.


    • Upon successful attendance, i.e. if all specified requirements are fulfilled, the ERCIS DC faculty will issue an attendance certificate. This certificate will include the program, the faculty and the estimated effort. It can be used to have the DC participation credited towards doctoral studies at the home University of the participant.


    • The colloquium itself will be free of charge, however there will be a charge of 365€ for the accommodation package, including sailing tuition.
    • The fees for sailing tuition cannot be subtracted.
    • The 365€ must be transferred immediately after admission!
  • Venue and Programme

    The colloquium will take place in the rooms of the sailing school Sail&Surf Pollensa in Pto. Pollensa, Mallorca, Spain. The school is located in the calm north of Mallorca and is equipped with all the stuff required for good education and discussion.

    Arrival will be Saturday, June 9th, departure Saturday, June 16th.

    For this reason, aside from scientific IS education, the colloquium will include a sailing course either on a beginner's level, or on a advanced level. The setting will be as follows:

    • During the day: Sailing tuition
    • During the afternoon and evening: Colloquium

    Stays before or afterwards cannot be granted, but we will try to do our best to arrange something.

    Participants will have to arrive at the venue by themselves, however the coordinator can facilitate arrangements for shared cars etc.

  • Sailing

  • FAQ

    I will add your questions here during the next weeks.