Katrin Bergener

ERCIS Launchpad Final 2018

Annual digital idea competition in Münster
Wednesday, 28. November 2018 - 14:00 to 23:00, Leonardo-Campus

On 28.11.2018, startups and founders will present their ideas at the digital ideas competition ERCIS Launch Pad. The competition takes place for the 11th time at the European Research Center for Information Systems of the WWU Münster. Through the involvement of other companies and an expanded involvement of the WWU Münster, the ERCIS Launch Pad praises this year a record prize money for the winners in the amount of 14,500 EUR.

7,500 EUR alone waving to the winning team for the best overall concept. Further prizes are awarded in the categories "Best Scientific Foundation" and "Münsterland-Mittelstandpreis". The decision is made by a renowned jury of Münster companies and startup experts, i.a. with skateboard pioneer Titus Dittmann. The visitors of the ERCIS Launch Pad also award the audience prize for the best pitch. The finalists are the following startups:

  •     ApoFunk (Münster)
  •     BrainPlug (Braunschweig)
  •     Clevabit (Münster)
  •     EnergyCortex (Aachen)
  •     RefresherBoxx (Aachen)
  •     Sentifeed (Bielefeld)

More information (in German)  as well as the possibility for registration can be found here.