Armin Stein

ERCIS Specialization Module with the University of West Georgia

Designing customer journeys of today and tomorrow

In an ever-changing world where customers constantly switch between multiple channels and have an always-on expectation in terms of being heard and answered, both BPO providers and brands must work harder to deliver seamless customer interactions.

Digital must sit at the heart of customer-centricity and customer-first thinking must be aligned across internal stakeholder groups. Whether it’s IT, marketing or operations, all departments need to come together to develop customer journey models.

The partnership between Arvato and the European Research Center Information Systems (ERCIS) addresses such challenges in the Omni-Channel-Lab and has invited sixteen students to tackle the challenge of collaboration.

Eight bachelor students in Information Systems from Münster as well as eight MBA students from the University of West Georgia will meet at the ERCIS headquarters in Münster. Working closely with the Lab’s team, the students will explore ways to encourage and facilitate organisation-wide led approaches to customer-centricity. This will support the Lab’s mission to develop practice-oriented research that can be applied in today’s commercial operations.

The team will be working with the Lab from 23rd – 30th May 2018, with outcomes shared in the near future.