Katrin Bergener

MDM@Lidl: Measuring the Value of Data

ERCIS project seminar about Master Data Management at LIDL
Final presentation at LIDL

During the winter term 2018/2019, nine Information Systems bachelor students took part in a project seminar with the ERCIS Advisory Board Member LIDL. The goal was to develop an Excel-based tool for calculating a good approximation for the value of datasets with manageable effort. After kickoffs at the university and at LIDL in August and October 2018 with student presentations as well as presentations from different LIDL departments on the topic of Master Data Management, the students started working on the project. They were able to present their results during a final presentation event in  March 2019 at the LIDL headquarter. The LIDL project managers are very satisfied with the outcome and want to use parts of the results immediately. The project seminar finished with an evening event to celebrate the successful project outcome.

Involved from LIDL: René Sandführ (Member of the Executive Board), Stefan Peetz (Head of Global IT-Governance), Thomas Gutmann (Groupleader Global IT-Governance), Guido Baumgärtner (Senior Consultant, Global IT-Governance)