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ERCIS Launch Pad 2021

Save the Date: The ERCIS Launch Pad will take place on 24th February!
ERCIS Launch Pad
ERCIS Launch Pad

The ERCIS Launch Pad is a competition for startups and those willing to found a company and a fantastic opportunity to win attractive prizes by presenting your ideas, prototypes, or finished products. In short: It is about entrepreneurship and the implementation of innovative business ideas. And for sure, it will be exciting when these candidates pitch for the favor of the audience and the jury:

  • Dermanostic (Düsseldorf): "Dermatologist via app" - Every patient receives a specialist diagnosis with a therapy recommendation and prescription for his skin changes within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Pixel Photonics (Münster): Scalable light detectors as decisive components for optical quantum computers and quantum encryption.
  • 25square (Bochum): Increasing the urban resilience to climate change through innovative sensors and AI-based monitoring of heavy rain.
  • spectRVm (Münster): Mobile Neurofeedback - a smartphone-based system for brain training.
  • RAKETENSTART (Cologne): The digital legal department for founders, startups, and the self-employed.
  • SMARTCHILLI (Bocholt): The only time recording system with a location guarantee. It enables your suppliers to participate free of charge and without installation.
  • Liefergrün (Münster): We enable retailers to develop a sustainable delivery concept with technologies.

The ERCIS Launch Pad is the most traditional startup competition in the area of Münster. Despite the situation caused by COVID-19, it will take place for the thirteenth time. Get your free tickets now at http://www.ercis-launchpad.de/#tickets and join our stream!