Armin Stein

ERCIS welcomes flaschenpost as new advisory board member

flaschenpost is no stranger to the University of Münster (WWU) and the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). One or the other delivery has already reached Leonardo Campus. Likewise, many flaschenpost employees are WWU alumni, including co-founder and current CEO Dr. Stephen Weich. In addition, there is an intensive exchange of knowledge about business processes, systems, and data, which has already led to various joint projects.

In order to continue and consolidate the close cooperation in the future, flaschenpost now joined the ERCIS Advisory Board to exchange approaches towards innovative concepts of digitalization, with scientists of the participating universities, conduct research on them, and implement them together.

“With flaschenpost, we once again have a Münster-based company on board that is very much digitally driven, both in terms of customer communication and internal (logistics) processes. Thus, the company takes a pioneering role in the market. As such, it has to innovate faster than its competitors. ERCIS is looking forward to the intensive cooperation with flaschenpost. Past projects, also in the field of logistics, have shown that the cooperation is very fruitful for both sides,” says Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Jörg Becker, Academic Director of the ERCIS.

Karsten Kraume, who represents flaschenpost on the ERCIS Advisory Board, is also looking forward to the cooperation: “I know from my time at Bertelsmann how valuable this cooperation can be, especially with regard to new talented young employees, where we brought many good candidates on board. In addition, the chance of a successful start after a joint project increases for them, as they already know the culture of the company. In this context, we are driven by similar issues around analytics, social media, process management and digital transformation - and ERCIS in turn offers us access to other networks such as CLAIRE.”

“For our ERCIS Competence Center ‘Social Media Analytics’ in particular, flaschenpost offers very interesting and innovative points of contact,” adds Prof. Dr. Heike Trautmann, ERCIS Director and Head of the Competence Center. “Within the framework of the collaboration, methodological aspects from research as well as the transfer to the company can be ideally combined. Furthermore, there is great potential for future applications of joint research projects.”

Dr. Armin Stein, Managing Director of the ERCIS network, emphasizes the special character of flaschenpost within the ERCIS Advisory Board: “With flaschenpost, we are enriching our Advisory Board with a very successful start-up that is rooted here in Münster. We are happy that we can now continue to accompany its development in an institutionalized framework!”