Münster, Germany

Chair of Digital Innovation and the Public Sector

ERCIS Headquarters

The Digital Innovation and the Public Sector (DIPS) group at the Department of Information Systems focuses on the impact of the digital transformation at the intersection of the public and private sectors with the civic society. Closely affiliated with the REACH start-up center of the university, we put a particular emphasis on the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in this context. We support students and staff at the department seeking to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and link them to the REACH ecosystem. 

Our research activities focus on three main themes. The first theme, Smart Cities and Regions, explores how digital technologies improve urban service delivery, change how we live with each other and participate in the public discourse, and support the connection between urban hubs and the surrounding areas. In the second theme, the Digital Transformation of Public Sector Organizations, we investigate how public organizations, such as government agencies and schools, respond to the increasing prevalence of digital technologies, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The third theme, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship, focuses on innovative digital ventures at the confluence of the public and private sectors and the civic society. 

Over the coming years, we will build up a teaching portfolio that is closely tied to our research activities, covering a range of topics from digital government to IT-driven innovation.

Chair of Digital Innovation and the Public Sector is ERCIS member since 2020.

Research Topics

Smart Cities and Regions; Digital Transformation of Public Sector Organizations; Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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