You are a student, a PhD student,  or a young researcher at an ERCIS partner institution and you are eager to spend some time abroad and experience some "international flair"? Go for it. We have several possibilities for you, ranging from international seminars, over Bachelor's and Master's theses to semesters abroad.

Well-connected Members
Students, PhD students, and young researchers benefit from the research collaborations in the network. Many ERCIS partner universities offer exchange programs that last one or two semesters so students can acquire international experience. Because of the personal contacts among lecturers, courses that students attend at another ERCIS university are usually recognized at their home university. Find out about the agreements between Münster and different ERCIS partner universities.

A Variety of International Opportunities
Joint lectures and seminars organized by several ERCIS members provide students with further international experience. For instance, ERCIS regularly offers a BPM Winter School for undergraduate students as well as virtual seminars for graduate students. Guest talks by ERCIS lecturers also contribute to the internationalization of teaching. In addition, students of ERCIS institutions can write their theses at one of the international partner universities. Find out about the possibilities.

Education Meets Practice
The network’s advisory board consists of companies that contribute a business perspective to research and education. These companies offer students practical experience, including internships and opportunities to write their theses in cooperation. Students can gain further insights into international business by attending project seminars with international partners. ERCIS supports students who are starting their careers with access to job offers from its research and industry partners.