European Research Center

for Information Systems (ERCIS)

The Partner Network for Digital Europe


The network of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) is a dynamic and thriving international collaboration comprising research institutions and companies united in the world of Information Systems.

Our network includes researchers, practitioners, and affiliates from over 25 countries, providing us with the ability to address current challenges on our path to a truly Digital Europe from a multi-disciplinary and international perspective. The students we include in this journey get their best education to become the shapers of our digital tomorrow.

We invite you to explore our website for comprehensive insights into our organization, encompassing details about our ongoing research projects, publications, collaborative teaching initiatives, and upcoming events where we convene to share ideas. Embracing the vibrant ERCIS spirit, we take pleasure in the collective enthusiasm of our motivated and inspiring colleagues.

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Welcome to our network – a vibrant hub where the essence of European collaboration and innovation comes to life. Our mission is to unite diverse cultures, ideas, and talents from across the continent, creating solutions that drive sustainable growth and shared prosperity. Here, professionals, academics, and visionaries connect to exchange knowledge, partake in leading-edge research, and celebrate Europe’s rich cultural heritage. Together, we build bridges across borders, fostering a future where every individual can thrive. Join us in this exciting journey and be part of Europe’s dynamic and inclusive evolution.

We connect global experts and forward-thinking professionals to drive impactful discussions and inspire meaningful change. Explore cutting-edge research, insightful analyses, and visionary perspectives that shape tomorrow’s solutions. In our collaborative environment, leaders share wisdom and spark progress across industries and disciplines. Join us in our quest to illuminate the path to a better future.

Discover a realm of joy and excitement! Here, creativity thrives and every moment is an adventure. Engage in activities that spark laughter, foster connections, and create unforgettable memories. Dive into a world where passions are celebrated, and every experience is designed to bring a smile to your face. Join us and let the good times roll!

Our research network unites driven academics and professionals to push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Together, we tackle complex challenges with dedication and a forward-thinking mindset. By fostering collaboration and excellence, we aim to shape the future and achieve breakthroughs that make a lasting impact. Join us on this relentless pursuit of progress and discovery.