The Network for Practice

The collaboration of the ERCIS network with its advisory board creates a dynamic synergy between academia and industry. This partnership allows companies to gain early access to cutting-edge research findings and innovative technologies, enabling them to stay ahead of market trends and enhance their competitive edge. Being part of the advisory board also offers enterprises the opportunity to influence research agendas, ensuring that academic investigations are aligned with real-world business challenges and needs. Additionally, it fosters networking and collaboration opportunities, leading to potential partnerships, talent acquisition, and shared best practices that drive both academic excellence and industry innovation.

Advisory Board Meeting 2024
Advisory Board Meeting 2024

We are grateful to our Advisory Board, that not only supports the network with their practical insights, but also financially: adesso, Arvato SE, Bison Deutschland GmbH, CHRIST, CLAAS, cronos Unternehmensberatung GmbH, d.velop AG, DMI Archivierung, Eucon, Hilti Corporation, IQ Optimize, LVM Versicherung, PICTURE GmbH, Provinzial, SAP, viadee IT-Unternehmensberatung, Westfalen Group, zeb

Why should I become an Advisory Board Member?

Becoming an ERCIS Advisory Board member allows you to connect with international Information Systems researchers, PhD students, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals who share similar interests. This can provide valuable networking opportunities and allow for the sharing of ideas and best practices within the field.

As a member of the ERCIS Advisory Board, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with members of the network through involvement in theses, seminars, and project seminars. Wherever possible, you will also receive invitations to give industry talks in lectures, virtual lectures, and workshops for students.

Aside from our regular Advisory Board meetings, we also invite our members to Round Table talks, are are being initiated on a demand-basis, discussing current topics in a multi-perspective environment.

Depending on your agenda, you may also want to participate in regionally, nationally, or internationally funded research projects as a business partner 

Additionally, there is the potential for opportunities to participate in joint publications with other members of the ERCIS network.

You will also enjoy promotional use of your membership, including permission to use the ERCIS logo and being listed on the ERCIS website and in the ERCIS Annual Report as an Advisory Board member.

Furthermore, you will receive an annual consignment of ERCIS publications such as the Annual Report and Master Theses publications.

How can I become an Advisory Board Member?

Please get in touch with the ERCIS office for ways of becoming an ERCIS Advisory Board member. We believe that transfer between research and practice goes many ways: Practice provides challenges and financial capabilities, research provides skills and talents. We will try to find a matching environment for both partners.