ERCIS Annual Workshops

The members of the ERCIS network meet once a year for several days at one of the partner institutions to discuss current topics, introduce new members, plan joint research or teaching activities etc. It is well-established that we agree on one specific topic that serves as a kind of “leading theme” during the Annual Workshop.

This year’s Annual Workshop will take place in Viterbo, Italy, September 23-25, 2024, hosted by our partner Prof. Alessio Maria Braccini of the Tuscia University.

NikonZ7II, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


We will have the usual setting:

  • Monday, September 23
    • Starting 2pm:
      Cluster Meetings
      Competence Center Meetings
    • Starting 6pm:
      Welcome Reception
  • Tuesday, September 24
    • Starting 8.30am:
    • Starting 9am:
    • Starting 8pm:
      Workshop Dinner
  • Wednesday, September 25
    • Starting 9am:
    • Starting 1pm:
      Touristic activity


We will have all workshop events, as well as coffee breaks and lunch, at the campus in the south-east of the city.


In general, you can book any accommodation in Viterbo via any booking platform. Viterbo is quite hilly, so you might want to search one close to the venue, if you don’t like walking 🙂 As we expect the weather to be brilliant, walking will be a nice option!


How to reach Viterbo (particularly Viterbo Porta Romana Station that is close to the ERCIS meeting location):

  • From Roma-Fiumicino Airport:
    • You reach the airport train station (10 mins walking).
    • You can take the regional train Roma-Fiumicino to Roma Ostiense (31 mins). Then, you can take the train Roma Ostiense to Viterbo Porta Romana (1h 47 mins).  There is at least one connection per hour, up to 20:00.
    • You can also rent a car at the airport ( Then, just follow Google Maps direction to Viterbo.  The trip takes around 1h 30 mins depending on the traffic.
  • From Roma-Ciampino Airport:


Please let us know if you will participate in the workshop by registering here: