First of all, the ERCIS is a research network. However, we intensively work together with a network of practicioners, our advisory board.  The advisory board consists of businesses from various industries and covers a wide range of applications. Through regular meetings with the advisory board, the current research need is identified and research projects formulized. In order to maintain the relationship to practice during project implementation, the advisory board members are often involved in research projects as application partners. Furthermore, the theses written by students at the advisory board companies and the ongoing exchange with ERCIS researchers ensure that current scientific findings are put into practice. In return, the advisory board participates in guest lectures and workshops, providing valuable input for research to students and ERCIS researchers.

This exchange also leads to contact with potential recruits. By participating in research projects, advisory members can influence research topics at an early stage and thereby have a more direct impact. This is especially helpful for developing new IT products and services, as well as identifying potential markets. Special access to research results, such as working papers, scientific publications, or annual reports, ensures the continuous flow of information.