Coordinating Team

Dr. Armin Stein - Managing Director

"I am the Managing Director of the ERCIS network. Although I live and work in Münster, I am somewhere else quite often, trying to connect all the researchers and practitioners and, together with Katrin, making the network, well, work. Beside this coordinating activities, I like teaching our Information Systems students, supervise Project Seminars, also with our partners from practice, and supervise graduate student seminars with our network members." My contact details can be found here:

Dr. Katrin Bergener

"I dedicate a good part of my work time to the ERCIS network. I am involved in international teaching endeavours and I am looking forward to additional cooperations within that field. I am also engaged in EU-funded projects with different ERCIS partner institutions, which is a lot of work but also a lot of fun. Since September 2016 I am also coordinator of the WWU Centre for Europe. The goals of the WWU Centre for Europe are the pooling, support, justification and encouragement of all Europe-related activities at the WWU. "