Bison Deutschland GmbH

With its headquarters in Sursee in the canton of Lucerne, Bison Holding AG currently employs some 300 members of staff, including 50 in Germany. The Bison umbrella brand incorporates various companies from the IT sector with different focuses. Bison Holding AG specialises in the development and implementation of business software for medium-sized companies, drawing on over 30 years of market experience to make a reliable, secure contribution to its customers’ success.  Each customer receives comprehensive and long-term support, with a focus on mutual trust and the protection of customers’ IT investments.

Bison Deutschland GmbH develops and implements ERP software solutions for medium-sized companies. Bison Process Retail – the merchandise management system with integrated  warehouse and branch management designed specifically for wholesale and retail – is developed at the company's site in Kaiserslautern in Germany. The structure of the installed systems ranges from large providers of a full range of foodstuffs like REWE eG (Germany) to start-ups hosted on a cloud server. Bison's portfolio of  solutions was once again voted top of Trovarit's ERP satisfaction survey for large companies.

Bison Schweiz AG develops and implements ERP software solutions for  mediumsized companies. Bison Process – the ERP system offering optimal support for business processes within the plant cultivation, wine and recycling core  industries – is developed at the Sursee site in Central Switzerland. The structure of the installed systems ranges from large agricultural and trade conglomerates like the fenaco Group (Switzerland) to specialist industry representatives. The fact that customers are highly satisfied with this system is frequently confirmed by the results of surveys.

Bison Deutschland GmbH is Advisory Board Member since 2004.

Research Topics

E-Paper Integration; ERP; Business Software; Mobile Solutions

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