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Healthcare is a major concern to all of us. We have relatives or friends who are patients, and there is a certain likelihood we ourselves may become patients at some point in our lives. DMI focuses on enabling German hospitals to provide the best possible medical care – based on safe, fast, and effective clinical and administrative processes empowered by digital patient information.

This task is even more important in a healthcare market which is experiencing a trend with a huge momentum – Digital Transformation. Just like in all other sectors, this major shift is changing work processes, business models, partnerships, and the relationship with patients. Digital Transformation is leading to connected health with higher efficacy and better outcomes. Readily available patient records – in interoperable digital formats and system architectures – are the enabler at the heart of this revolution.

What is the positioning of DMI in this transition? This provider of specialist services has more than 50 years of expertise in archiving patient records. With technologies and requirements changing over the years, DMI has been fulfilling its mission of offering services which comply with rigid German regulations in particular in the area of data privacy and archiving. Intelligent digitization of – widespread – paper records including identification of document types and consolidation with electronic documents serve to power comprehensive repositories for convenient clinical and administrative processes. DMI sports top certifications such as ISO 27001 and offers interoperability according to healthcare communication standards organizations such as HL7, IHE, and DICOM. Jointly with standardization bodies, the company’s research teams develop patient documentation frameworks and tools. They support safe and precise diagnosis and therapy as well as enhanced administrative and economic results for roughly 800 medical service providers across the care chain.

DMI Archivierung is Advisory Board Member since 2017.

Research Topics

Consolidating medical records; Interoperable IT architectures; Medical Research; Healthcare; Standards; Digitized Documents; Clinical Processes

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