20 Years Celebration Movie​

20 Years After Movie

2004 marked the year ERCIS was founded. Simple math implies that 2024 is the year ERCIS celebrates its 20th birthday, hooray! Check out our Celebration Movie here!

CoDeAI Seminar

CodeAI Seminar

Several students from ERCIS partners recently took part in a seminar under the CoDeAI-Project, engaging in two innovative idea contests with SMEs from Germany and Austria.

Stefano Za visiting University of St. Gallen

Stefano visiting Uni St. Gallen

An important part of networking is visiting and working with each other. Our partner Stefano Za from “G. d’Annunzio” University, Chieti – Pescara visited the University of St. Gallen, or, to be more specific, our partner Robert Winter, for am “Enterprise Modelling” teaching assignment.