ERCIS BPM Winter School

Since 2011, the ERCIS together with the University of Liechtenstein, have been organizing the ERCIS BPM Winter School (BPMWS). During this one week seminar, open to students from ERCIS members institutions, ~20 undergraduate students from all over the world come together to learn about and discuss current and future Business Process Management (BPM) topics with some of the most renowned BPM researchers.

Dates 2024

The 2024 edition will be on-site, taking place January 15 to January 19, 2024. Arrival should be January 14. If traveling should be restricted, the BPMWS will take place virtually (we do have some experience from 2021 and 2022...), but we do not expect that to happen.

ERASMUS+ funding

The Universities of Liechtenstein, Sevilla, Utrecht, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Paderborn, and Dortmund have been successful in applying for ERASMUS+ funding, which will support students travelling to the BPMWS! Please get in touch with your respective IS professor, if you are in interested in participating!


Please be aware of the following information and conditions:

  • The language spoken during the BPMWS is English.
  • The BPMWS is an intermediate undergraduate BPM course: Participants should have a basic knowledge about BPM like, as an example, provided by the online BPM Fundamentals lecture of Jan Mendling.
  • The BPMWS is not suitable for PhD students.
  • The following is not relevant for students participating in the BIP:
    • The BPMWS cannot be offered free of charge. The University of Liechtenstein will charge you about 300€ for the on-site organisation. This will include - aside from the tuition - lunch, joint social activities such as dinner together and water/coffee during lectures.
    • We expect ~150€-250€ for accommodation in, e.g., Feldkirch for the five days. Travel and accommodation are self-organised and not included in the fee above! Please see below for some hints.
  • All participants have to provide evidence of full COVID-19 vaccination by the time the BPMWS takes place.
  • Partner institutions may offer this seminar as part of their curriculum, by, e.g., preparing the students with the Fundamentals of BPM MOOC of Jan Mendling, writing an exam, and/or accompany the winter school with a seminar thesis.
    • The University of Paderborn, e.g., provides 3 ECTS for the Winter School plus a thesis,
    • the University of Münster, in combination with the MOOC, an exam, and a seminar thesis 9 ECTS,
    • TU Dortmund University, in combination with a report paper and and oral exam 4 ECTS.
  • It is the responsibility of the participants to clarify if and how the Winter School will be recognized by their home institution.
  • Registration:
    • For non-BIP participants, registration will open end of August, 2023, and close end of November, 2023.
    • For BIP participants: Please check with your professor.
  • We will use mattermost to get you networked before-hand.

Content (as of 2023, 2024 will change slightly)

The following topics will be covered by the following speakers (subject to slight changes):

Outline of the seminar
Topic Presenter
Process Science Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke, University of Liechtenstein
Organizational Routines Prof. Dr. Daniel Beverungen, University of Paderborn
Process Mining Prof. Dr. Martin Matzner, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Process Performance Prof. Dr. Adela del Rio-Ortega, Prof. Dr. Manuel Resinas, University of Seville
Managing Dynamics of Business Processes Dr. Thomas Grisold, University of Liechtenstein
Business Process Management at the Hilti AG Dr. Susanne Buddendick
Business Rules and Intelligent Delegation Prof. Dr. Christian Janiesch, TU Dortmund

With this, we provide a pillar for any advanced BPM course, which can flexibly be integrated into any undergraduate curriculum, that offers electives.

Location and Accommodation

The BPMWS will take place at the University of Liechtenstein.

We recommend checking AirBnB in Vaduz and the surrounding, or in Feldkirch, but also have some recommendations regarding hostels or hotels.

We also recommend sharing rooms to cut costs. Consider using (once available) for finding partners sharing rooms.