ERCIS Master Thesis Award

About the Award

The European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS) annually awards the Master Thesis Award.

The winner is being chosen from Master Theses nominated by ERCIS Members. Each member institution is eligible to nominate one candidate. The author of the thesis rated best in terms of Originality and depth of contribution, Methodological soundness, and Form and quality of presentation by a jury consisting of diverse ERCIS members will be invited to the upcoming European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). Flight, accommodation, access to the conference, as well as participating in the ERCIS@ECIS network meeting are being covered.

How to Participate

  • Each ERCIS member institution is eligible to submit one thesis per year. If there are several candidates at one institution, it is the institution’s responsibility to choose the nominee. It is recommended to acknowledge all submissions as extraordinary achievements at the respective institution.
  • The thesis must be written in English.
  • Submission deadline is October 31st each year.
  • By this date, the ERCIS member (ERCIS contact at the repective institution) submits
    • … the anonymised thesis as PDF,
    • … a link to a five-minute video of the author presenting the thesis,
    • … the name of the student (for administrative reasons),
    • ... the name of the research institution (for administrative reasons), and
    • … a short argumentation, for which reasons this specific thesis has been selected.

The thesis must be anonymised to ensure a single-blind review. The same holds true for the five-minute video, in which the author has the chance to briefly present their research by any means they deem sound. If presentation tools are being be used, anonymisation is required, otherwise the neutral ERCIS Powerpoint template can be used.

After the Submission

  • The jury will review the submitted thesis during the next eight weeks.
  • The jury will inform the winner and, if applicable, runner-ups, by the end of the year.
  • The winner and the runner-ups will be mentioned on Twitter.
  • The winner, runner-ups, and participants will be listed on the ERCIS website and the ERCIS Annual Report. All participating authors will receive a certificate stating their nomination.

The Winner

  • Winners will receive a flight to ECIS, accommodation for the time of the conference, attendance to the conference, and attendance to the ERCIS@ECIS meeting.
  • Booking of the itinerary will happen in close agreement with the ERCIS Headquarters.
  • The award will be presented during ERCIS@ECIS.
  • Winners are being invited to present their research to the ERCIS Advisory Board and during ERCIS Lunchtime Talks.
  • Winners are recommended to submit their research to some academic outlet.

The Jury

Currently, the jury consists of