Benefits for advisory board members

Our relationships with practitioners are critical to the success of the ERCIS network. These relationships provide the ERCIS with input and feedback on our research agenda. Our Advisory Board members are formally recognized as such and receive several benefits.

Benefits for Advisory Board Members

  • Cooperation in teaching (involvement in theses, seminars, and project seminars, if suitable)
  • Invitations to give industry talks in lectures and workshops with students
  • Direct contact to the ERCIS directors
  • Opportunity to invite ERCIS researchers to present research results
  • Discount on participation in the “Executive Master of Information Management” program at the University of Münster
  • Participation in events organized by the ERCIS network
  • Knowledge exchange with other business partners and researchers during regular workshops
  • Participation in research projects as business partners
  • Annual consignment of ERCIS publications like the Annual Report and working papers
  • Promotional use of the membership (permission to use of the ERCIS logo, listing of the organization on the ERCIS website, in the ERCIS annual report, and in ERCIS working papers as an Advisory Board member)
  • Opportunity to participate in joint publications

To sum up, there are three different areas, in which companies can get in contact with the ERCIS network.

Regular Knowledge Exchange
The relevance and practicality of ERCIS research is supported through the active involvement of the Advisory Board, which is made up of businesses in various industries covering a wide variety of applications. Current research needs are identified and research projects formalized through regular meetings with the Advisory Board.

Contact With Students
Practical student theses written with the cooperation of the businesses of the Advisory Board, and the exchange of knowledge between these businesses and ERCIS researchers ensure the transfer of current research results into practice. In return, the Advisory Board participates in guest lectures and workshops, providing students and ERCIS researchers with valuable input for research. Access to the ERCIS’s best graduate profiles also provides the Advisory Board with contact to potential recruits.

Participation in Research Projects
By participating in research projects, Advisory Board members can influence which topics will be addressed by the researchers, and have a direct impact on the research agenda. This access to research is especially helpful in developing new IT products and services and identifying new markets. Special access to research results and annual reports ensure the continuous flow of information.