ERCIS Lunchtime Seminar

During the semester, we offer our Lunchtime Seminar at the Headquarters each Tuesday from 12.15-12.45. During these seminars, researchers of the ERCIS Headquarters, ERCIS partners, and invited guests provide us with insights into their research.

During summer term 2022, the seminar will take place as Zoom sessions. If you would like to be informed about each talk, please add your email address to the form at the bottom of the page.

The list of speakers and topics is as follows:


Date Speaker Organisation Topic
03.05.2022 Sebastian Reiners WWU Intentional forgetting and the role of trust in information systems
10.05.2022 Prof. Stefan Feuerriegel LMU Leveraging “AI for Good” to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
17.05.2022 Sandra Lechtenberg WWU A Process Reference Model for Operational and Real-Time Planning in Road Freight Transport
24.05.2022 Prof. Jörg Becker WWU City 5.0
31.05.2022 Dr. Ekaterina Jussupow ‪University of Mannheim Are Decision Makers Really Averse to Algorithms? Challenging the Findings on Current Research on Algorithm Aversion and Suggestions For Future Research
14.06.2022 Prof. Dr. Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa University of Texas at Austin Digital Technologies and Future Making
21.06.2022 Prof. Patrick Stacey University of Loughborough A Critical Investigation of the Mental Health of Astronauts: Implications for Systems
28.06.2022 Prof. Dominik Gutt Rotterdam School of Management Do Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Affect Prices of Physical Products? Evidence from Trading Card Collectibles
05.07.2022 Matthias Werner WWU Understanding the meaning and management of exploration and exploitation in the context of small- and medium-sized IT consulting firms: An application of a paradox perspective
12.07.2022 Eduardo Israel WWU A supply chain integration maturity model enabling contextualized supply chain integration maturity assessment
15.11.2022 Ralph Lülling  Aleph Alpha The Interace between Aleph Alpha and Academia
22.11.2022 Markus Weinmann  Universität zu Köln Face Time: How Project Images Influence Crowdfunding Success
06.12.2022 Nina Schirrmacher KIN Center for Digital Innovation, VU Amsterdam tba


Date Speaker Organisation Topic
12.10.2021 Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Cognitive diagram understanding and task performance in system analysis and design

19.10.2021 Prof. Dr. Margunn Aanestad University of Agder, Norway Augmenting the algorithm: Emerging human-in-the-loop work configurations
26.10.2021 Prof. Benedikt Berger WWU Münster Watch Me Get Better! – Algorithm Aversion and Demonstrating the Ability to Learn
02.11.2021 Dr. Doina Bucur University of Twente, Netherlands Influence/information propagation in social nets, in particular how to predict the size of an information cascade
09.11.2021 Ricardo Baeza-Yates Northeastern University Ethics in AI: A Challenging Task
16.11.2021 (5pm!!) Dr. Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa The University of Texas at Austin, USA When do good communication models fail in global virtual teams?
30.11.2021 Dennis Assenmacher GESIS Institut, Köln, Germany

RP-Mod & RP-Crowd: Moderator- and Crowd-Annotated German News Comment Datasets

14.12.2021 Prof. Dr. Cosmin Oancea University of Copenhagen, Denmark Reverse AD for an Array Language with Nested Parallelism
11.01.2022 Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi University of Zurich, Switzerland Problem Definition in the Digital Democracy


Date Speaker Organisation Topic
13.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Stefan Seidel University of Liechtenstein

The New Logic of Design: Autonomous Design Tools and Video Game Production

20.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Christian Stöcker HAW Hamburg Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": The Inevitability of Misclassification in Media Recommender Systems
27.04.2021 Prof. Dr. Stephan von Delft University of Muenster Business Model Design in Process Industries: Recent Trends and Future Research
04.05.2021 Prof. Dr. Stefano Cresci Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT) National Research Council (CNR), Pisa, Italy Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": Information Warfare in the Financial Domain: Problems and a few Solutions

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judit Bayer

Prof. Dr. Bern Holznagel

Budapest Business School, Media Law and International Law

University of Münster, Institute of Information, Telecommunication and Media Law (ITM) Department of Public Law

Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": Disinformation from the regulator’s perspective: the role of algorithms
18.05.2021 Prof. Bernd Carsten Stahl Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": Artificial Intelligence for a Better Future – An Ecosystem Perspective on the Ethics of AI and Emerging Digital Technologies
01.06.2021 Prof. Dr. Stefan Stieglitz University of Duisburg-Essen RISE_SMA: Reports about a RISE project
08.06.2021 Prof. Dr. Ojelanki Ngwenyama Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": Digital Risk Society
15.06.2021 Prof. Dr. Julia Metag University of Münster Science Communication in Digital Information Environments
22.06.2021 Dennis Horstkämper University of Münster Complexity-based Selection of Production Planning and Control Architectures
29.06.2021 Prof. Dr. Raymond Veldhuis University of Twente Topical Program "Algorithmization and Social Interaction": Biometric recognition, principles and privacy protection
06.07.2021 Prof. Dr. Chris Holland University of Loughborough Behavioural insurance in the German Automotive Market: A Case Analysis of HUK-COBURG
13.07.2021 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Isabella Seeber Grenoble Ecole de Management NAO says hello! AI-bility or understanding how schoolchildren interact with pedagogical conversational agents
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