Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

In our networked world, data is collected in ways never seen before. Extracting knowledge from this data and leveraging it to build intelligent systems will transform the way business, government, and science are carried out. Many people believe that data science and AI will bring forth changes that will be much more profound than any other technological revolution in human history.

Digital services can adapt to individual humans and situations due to the abundance of data and the improved capabilities to learn from this data. Big steps are made in many scientific areas these times, notably in natural language processing, image recognition, and in finding complex synthesis ways, e.g. for novel drugs and materials.

However, there are also risks associated with algorithmic decision making and autonomous AI systems. They may be used for steering very complex hacking activities, or autonomous weapon systems, or simply decide wrongly according to unknown biases in the data.

The mission of the ERCIS “Data Science & AI” cluster is to advance research, education, and practice on human-centered data science and AI in order to augment human capabilities and improve societal well-being. We explicitly take a socio-technical perspective on data science & AI, focusing at the intersection of technologies, humans, and tasks.

The cluster Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is headed by

Oliver MüllerOliver Müller is Professor of Management Information Systems and Data Analytics at Paderborn University. His research interests focus on data-driven judgment and decision making. This includes the design and use of machine learning solutions for supporting human judgment and decision making, with a special focus on the computational analysis of unstructured data (e.g., texts, images), as well as studying the acceptance and implications of data-driven decision making in organizations.

Mike PreussMike Preuss is assistant professor at LIACS, the Computer Science department of Leiden University. He works in AI, namely game AI, natural computing, and social media computing.