Prague, Czech Republic

Charles University in Prague

Department of Software Engineering

The natural sciences have been a part of the research teaching at the Charles University since its founding in 1348.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics was created by separating a part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences on 1st September 1952. Now, it is composed from three schools: School of Physics, School of Mathematics, and School of Computer Science.

The School of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics includes eight prestigious teaching and scientific workplaces. The quality of their graduates is widely recognized. Among them are a number of top experts working as computer program developers and technological innovators. They are also successful as entrepreneurs. Members of the School of Computer Science achieve outstanding scientific results in discrete mathematics, especially in graph theory and its application in intelligent systems, optimization, programming methods, semantics and building large software systems, processing natural language and many others.

The Department of Software Engineering is focused on research and teaching in the areas of database systems, semantic web, similarity search, XML technologies, parallel computing, Big Data, and e-Science.

Charles University in Prague is ERCIS member since 2006.

Research Topics

Database Systems; Similarity Search; File Oorganization; Text Databases; XML Database; Query Languages; Big Data; Image Retrieval; Recommender Systems

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