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Institute of Medical Informatics

Research with medical data is our profession. We support patient care and make an important contribution to improving diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases in theoretical and clinical research projects. We offer advice and cooperation for our clinics.

Research fields are:

Biomedical Informatics

Bioinformatics research in medicine is a key factor for progress in health research, particularly in cancer research.Medical bioinformatics relies on the evaluation of biological mass data, in which the use of computers in combination with reliable mathematical models and algorithms are prerequisite.In many cooperations with our national and international hospital partners, our institute has gained extensive expertise in dealing with bioinformatical medical research issues. A summary of our portfolio can be found here.

Digital Health

Research focus of the working group is the development and analysis of innovative application systems such as apps in medicine as well as the application of state-of-the-art data analysis through machine learning and other artificial intelligence processes. The working group has developed special expertise in the area of ​​developing apps and smartwatches, medical sensors and machine learning of complex time series.

Medical Data Integration

For the Faculty of Medicine of the University Münster, a Medical Data Integration Center (MeDIC) has been established. The MeDIC is embedded into the Institute of Medical Informatics. Main goal of the MeDIC is to implement an inter-facility research data infrastructure with many partners within the Medical Informatics Initiative of the BMBF that will be a hub between patient care and research. On this basis, the MeDIC provides researchers with solutions for data analysis and exchange, re-use of data, and data publication in clinical research according to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). The MeDIC complies with local and national data security and data protection regulations. Moreover, a quality management system will be implemented to monitor and improve all processes.

Institute of Medical Informatics is ERCIS member since 2021.

Research Topics

Digital Health; Biomedical Informatics

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