Galway, Ireland

University of Galway

Lero - The Irish Software Research Center

As organisations face increasing volatile changing global markets, the rapid development of software, and advances in technologies, dynamic practices and processes has become vital. Lero @ NUI Galway work at the cutting edge of software development and management, providing unique insights that impact the performance of organisations, while also setting the academic research agenda in the area. 

The mission of the research group is to deliver world-class, high-impact research through industry collaboration. We develop, implement and evaluate leading software development and management practices in two core areas:

Evolving software: The ways in which software is created and managed are constantly changing. We conduct research on contemporary methods for evolving software such as lean and agile approaches, project and portfolio management, decision making and lean analytics.

Open software: The development and management of software crosses teams, organisations and sectors. Our research spans topics such as open innovation, software ecosystems, crowdsourcing, cloud technologies and design thinking 

The research group at NUI Galway is comprised of eleven staff including academic, postdoctoral and Ph.D. researchers from diverse industry backgrounds and is part of a global network of industry domain experts and thought leaders. 

The group have received over €4m in research funding and have secured another €3.5m for research over the next 4 years. The research is funded by Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish Research Council, the European Commission and by a variety of indigenous and multinational industry partners.

University of Galway is ERCIS member since 2017.

Research Topics

Information Systems Innovation; Agile Project Management; Lean Project Management; Portfolio Management; Crowdsourcing; Crowdfunding

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