Maribor, Slovenia

University of Maribor

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is a founding member of the University of Maribor. It has been involved in research and education about the organizational and informational sciences for more than
50 years. Today it provides Bologna programs of Information Systems, Human Resource and Educational Systems, Business and Work Systems. Research is organized in many laboratories and in the  eCenter. All are involved in research projects, prototyping, consulting, education and training at national and international level. Their activities have been organized and are run following the LivingLab  approach, with a strong involvement of business and government organizations, users, IT providers and universities. The resulting eLivingLab is the Slovenian founding member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). The Faculty has a wide range of experiences from many EU, national and industry projects. It is also very active in Living Lab and cross-border regional development initiatives. The Faculty has established connections with numerous institutes, faculties and universities around the world and strives to enhance its internationally renowned reputation. Bilateral cooperation has occurred in several  forms, including the exchange of higher education professors, participation in various research projects, and student exchange.

University of Maribor is ERCIS member since 2005.

Research Topics

Management of Information Systems; eCommerce; eBusiness; ERP Systems; Inter-organizational Systems; eGovernment; Mobile Commerce; eHealth & Well-being; eBusiness Models; Cloud Computing; Internet of Things; Enterprise 2.0; Social Media; Web 2.0; eCollaboration; eLearning 2.0 & eEducation; eInnovations; Open Innovation; Living Labs; Business Processes Management; Decision Support Systems; Simulation Systems and Models; Knowledge Management; Organizational Learning; Business Intelligence; Data Mining; Big Data; Open Data

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