St. Gallen, Switzerland

University of St. Gallen

Institute of Information Management

The Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Gallen (IWI-HSG), founded in 1989, is an autonomous research institution of the University of St. Gallen (HSG). The Institute pursues a mixed funding approach from both public and private sources. Privately funded research at IWI-HSG is usually organized in the form of research consortia (“competence centers”, CC). In addition to its research activities, IWI-HSG is engaged in executive education, offering degree and non-degree programs in Business Engineering, IT Business Management, Banking Operations and Smart Sourcing. The overall focus is on Business Innovation through engineered generic artifacts, such as methods or reference models, or through innovative prototypes.

IWI-HSG is comprised of five groups, each headed by a full professor (as of 2020): Andrea Back, Walter Brenner, Reinhard Jung, Jan Marco Leimeister, and Robert Winter. Six assistant professors, six project managers, two senior research fellows, approx. 40 employed research assistants (PhD students), approx. 25 student assistants and approx. 10 support staff contribute to IWI-HSG’s mission.

University of St. Gallen is ERCIS member since 2004.

Research Topics

Corporate Data Quality; Crowdsourcing; Design Thinking; Digital Business Engineering; Enterprise Architecture Management; Enterprise Transformation Management; Enterprise-wide Coordination; Future of Learning; Future of Work; Governance of Digital Platforms; Governance of Large Programmes; Governance of Large Projects; Health Services Research; Human-Centered Innovation; Hybrid Intelligence; Independent Living; IT Innovation; Project Leadership; Service Systems; Sourcing in Financial Services; Transformation Management; Trust and Privacy Sensitive Design

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