Viterbo, Italy

University of Tuscia

Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization

The University of Tuscia is located in Viterbo, Lazio Region, center of Italy. It is a small sized university with about 8,000 students enrolled in its courses and about 600 staff member equally divided between academic and administrative and technical personnel. The Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization (DEIm) was established in 2011 and it is nowadays the principal unit of the University for the disciplinary areas of Economics, Engineering, and Political Sciences. Among the different programs available the Department offers a PhD in Economics Management and Quantitative Methods with a major in Digital Transformation, and a II level Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business and Security. The department has since long time invested intensively invested in building a network of relationships with business and entrepreneurs, and with national and international research institutions. The DEIm department is deeply engaged in both fundamental and applied research, and has a consistent track record of competitive research grants awarded in the areas of innovation, change management, digital transformation, and organizational and societal impact of digital technologies.

University of Tuscia is ERCIS member since 2021.

Research Topics

Business Process Management; Digital Transformation; Online Communities; Industry 4.0; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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