Münster, Germany

Data Science: Machine Learning and Data Engineering

ERCIS Headquarters

Fabian Gieseke is head of the Machine Learning and Data Engineering Group of the Department of Information Systems. The group's research focus is on the development of efficient and scalable implementations for modern machine learning models. The resulting frameworks are also used to address real-world applications from a variety of domains. For instance, the team is involved in the development of machine learning models to detect and monitor changes visible in satellite time series data and in the application of corresponding models in the context of smart grids and smart cities (e.g. to estimate the energy production/consumption of individual actors). The group also offers many courses in Bachelor and Master Degree programs.

Data Science: Machine Learning and Data Engineering is ERCIS member since 2020.

Research Topics

Data Mining; Machine Learning; High-Performance Computing; Distributed Computing; Deep Learning;

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