Münster, Germany

Chair for Information Systems and Logistics

ERCIS Headquarters

Today’s supply chains (SC) have to cope with growing uncertainties and complexity, e.g. from increasingly volatile customer demand, natural or human threats, or through an increasing number of actors in the value adding process. Tackling these issues is the major objective of the Chair for Information Systems (IS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), directed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Hellingrath. In particular, the research group develops application-oriented research contributions in the areas of SCM, logistics and operations management with regard to the support by IS. Special focus lies in understanding current logistics and manufacturing issues, resolving them by applying and newly developing modeling and planning methods, e.g. Industrie 4.0 enabled predictive maintenance solutions. In this context, research is fostered by a culture of internationalization, exemplified by the growing number of international research partners and projects conducted.

Chair for Information Systems and Logistics is ERCIS member since 2009.

Research Topics

Supply Chain Flexibility; Spare Parts Management; Decentralized Supply; Chain Planning; Meta-Heuristics for Supply Chain Planning; Supply Chain Security; Humanitarian Logistics; Impacts of Industrie 4.0 on SC

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